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Buying a Restaurant

To ensure a successful restaurant acquisition, partnering with an expert restaurant broker is essential. Corbett Restaurant Group is a leading team of brokers who offer invaluable advice on the steps involved in acquiring a restaurant, securing financing, determining its valuation, and even navigating a lease. With our extensive knowledge in the restaurant industry, we can guide you through the entire buying process.

Whether working with you in-person or over the phone, Corbett’s qualified business brokers ensure that your unique needs are met, making them the ideal partner for anyone looking to buy a restaurant. 

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Buying Facts

Common documents requested:

  • Copy of the Lease
  • Tax Returns for 3 years
  • Financial Statements for 3 years
  • Complete Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment list
  • Latest Health Inspector’s Report

Valuing an Existing Restaurant

Key factors that determine value:

  • Current and Gross Sales and potential for sales growth
  • Current Cash flow and growth potential
  • The condition of the leasehold improvements and equipment.
  • The length of the lease – 10 year minimum
  • The net or gross lease should be in the range of 6-8% of gross sales

Lease Negotiations

A checklist:

  • Have lease reviewed by an attorney
  • Minimum length of the lease 10 years +
  • Base rent at Industry Average
  • Scope of Landlord/Tenant Improvements
  • Right of Assignment
  • Condition of space at delivery
  • Options to extend
  • Extent of Personal Guarantee

Site Acquisition Criteria (Some key points to consider)


  • Location curb appeal
  • Demand
  • Competition
  • Visibility, accessibility, parking
  • Appropriate rent and demographics for the concept


  • Rent, lease terms & R.E. Taxes
  • Availability of alcohol licenses
  • Condition of the space and leasehold improvements
  • Cost of renovations
  • Condition of mechanical systems HVAC, plumbing, electrical
  • Layout, Design

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